What is it?

How it works

Frequently used and complements acupuncture. Suction cups, placed at various points on the body, create a vacuum that draws toxins to the skin's surface. This stimulates the person's immune response. The skin is the body's largest organ and it clears the bodies toxins quickly and efficiently because it is rich with circulation. Cups are either made of robust, rounded glass, plastic or bamboo. 

A vacuum is created inside the cup by placing a flame, for a very short period of time, in the cup and then immediately placing the cup down over the selected area. Because the flame exhausts all the oxygen in the cup a vacuum is created and this has the effect of "drawing up" the skin beneath the cup. The effect of this is to encourage the flow of Qi and Blood in the area beneath the cup. By moving the Qi and Blood, local stagnation can be cleared. Cupping naturally draws blood to the external capillaries of the body and as a result minor weals or bruises may be left after a treatment. 

What's it good for?

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Menstrual pain
Back Pain