Wellness Programs

We understand the importance and value of your health thus the Wellness Programs were designed.

At Precision Point Wellness we understand the importance and value of your health thus the Wellness Programs were designed. Your investment in the process will increase completion of the program. This is a vital and recommended component when seeking greater results. Furthermore, these packages take into account your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life. In addition we'll identify and remove obstacles that have been impeding your health and wellness.

The Wellness Programs are designed for those who wish to go above and beyond in their health. Hence, if you choose to make that commitment our promise to you is to support you through this journey into health and wellness.

Eastern Medicine along with Western technology and research are utilized in the programs which are centered around the idea of everyone is different. Therefore, we tailor the treatments to suit your current condition.

What's included

Laboratory testing

Running a comprehensive test cut out guess work. Quickening your path to wellness.

Food based nutrition

We'll educate you on food and nutrition that best suites your condition.

The removal of Cellular waste and Toxins which inhibit proper function deteriorate health.
Most used form of medicine world wide.
Botanical/herbal medicines
Using traditional and modern formulas to address complex ailments.
Therapeutic supplementation
Targeted Nutraceuticals used to boost system function.
Stress-management techniques
Learn tools to balance and reduce stress
Understand your lifestyle choices that are hindering your improvement and adding to the problem.

So how does it work?

The "5 Pillars of Health" are the fundamental principles. When utilized, drastic wellness changes will occur. These Wellness Programs are unlike anything you've seen before because they're educational curriculums with a clear process and guidelines.

Eliminate troublesome factors from the body that have been hindering proper function; in doing so, we make room for the digestion to absorb nutrients.
Cleaning up the diet will also help with the detox but will also allow for proper nutrient absorption supporting life and wellness.
Nervous system (Central and Peripheral)
Balancing out the Nervous system will help to regulate and stabilize brain chemistry; as well as, organ function and immune function.
A correct approach to fitness will help maintain and support a wellness lifestyle.
No Hormone replacement therapy is used however, we utilize the previous 4 pillars to help regulate and balance hormones.

In conclusion, upon completion of the Program, you'll have a greater understanding on diet and lifestyle as medicine and you'll have the tools to implement them in the future. Allowing you to further your advantage in maintaining your health and wellness.