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By: Dr. Drew Nystrom DAOM, LAc

It is my hopes in creating this Acupuncture blog to inform and empower everybody who reads these articles to live a healthier, happier life. Within the articles I will advice on all types of health related topics giving multiple solutions: diet, lifestyle, exercise, acupuncture, herbal medicine and western medicine. I look forward to sharing information with you and hearing any questions that you might have.

- Dr. Drew Nystrom

How many treatments are needed for Acupuncture to work?

By: Dr. Drew Nystrom DAOM, LAc


How many treatments are needed for Acupuncture?

In my practice this question comes up a lot. It’s a perfectly reasonable and appropriate question for a patient to ask. Likewise, if the patient isn’t asking this question the practitioner should be discussing the treatment plan with said patient….Treatments

 Transitioning into Autumn with Chinese Medicine


By: Dr. Drew Nystrom DAOM, LAc

According to Chinese Medicine each season correspond to a specific organ. Fall or Autumn Corresponds with the Lungs. In Fall the climate tends to be more dry. This dryness effects and can easily injure the Lungs which prefer to be moist. Physiologically moisture is a necessity for proper lung function as it allows for proper respiratory function…Autumn

2015 Special Olympics 

By: Dr. Drew Nystrom DAOM, LAc


A few months have past and now I’m finally taking some time out to talk about my experience volunteering at the OM Wellness Tent along side other Chinese medicine practitioners at this years Special Olympic Games held at the University of Southern California here in LA…. Special Olympics

Radio Interview with Phil Hulett and Friends

By: Dr. Drew Nystrom DAOM, LAc


  I’m back to tell you that today I had the opportunity to be featured on the radio show “Phil Hulett and Friends.” Phil and Brooke are great and made the whole experience easy, and fun. I spoke about Licensing, needle placement, how acupuncture works, needle techniques, how it feels, what acupuncture is good for, how it feels, and basically what to expect. … radio

4 easy steps you can take to start leading an ANTI INFLAMMATORY LIFE.

By: Dr. Drew Nystrom DAOM, LAc


 1)    Get Acupuncture, Moxibustion and take Chinese herbs!

Acupuncture is the oldest and most widely practiced Medicine on the planet! It has survived over 2000 years of history and only recently has the “Western” scientific community started to back acupunctures benefits with science. … anti-inflammatory life.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease and the contributing factors  

By: Dr. Drew Nystrom DAOM, LAc

July 2 2014

This post is in response to people’s uproar over the fast/junk food article that has been going around in regards to Inflammatory Bowel Disease. The article basically stated that junk food and antibiotics are the cause of Irritable Bowel Disease. ….inflammatory bowel disease.


Mu Xiang (Radix Aucklandiae Lappae) “A friend to every Inflammatory Bowel Disease ‘IBD’ patient”

By: Dr. Drew Nystrom DAOM, LAc

June 24 2014 Bloating and gas pain is something that everyone has had to deal with at one point or another; however, that’s usually reserved for holiday dinners and other large gatherings. Too much turkey dinner on Thanksgiving can leave the most robust stomach and individual incapacitated on the floor for a good portion of the evening cursing themselves for indulging in that third helping of dinner and pie….muxiang.